Indoor radon and lung cancer in France.

  title={Indoor radon and lung cancer in France.},
  author={H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Baysson and Margot Tirmarche and Georges Tymen and Sylvie Gouva and D Caillaud and J. C. Artus and Alain Vergnen{\`e}gre and Françoise Ducloy and Dominique Laurier},
  volume={15 6},
BACKGROUND Several case-control studies have indicated an increased risk of lung cancer linked to indoor radon exposure; others have not supported this hypothesis, partly because of a lack of statistical power. As part of a large European project, a hospital-based case-control study was carried out in 4 areas in France with relatively high radon levels. METHODS Radon concentrations were measured in dwellings that had been occupied by the study subjects during the 5- to 30-year period before… CONTINUE READING