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Indonesian and Philippine Scripts and extensions not yet encoded or proposed for encoding in Unicode

  title={Indonesian and Philippine Scripts and extensions not yet encoded or proposed for encoding in Unicode},
  author={Christopher R. Miller},
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Learning media for the transliteration of Latin letters into Bima script based on android applications

The Mataram University is trying to develop creative and innovative learning products to learn the Bima script learning model in an interactive application using a smartphone to translate Latin letters into the script.



Bantěn and the Dutch in 1619: Six Early ‘Pasar Malay’ Letters

  • M. Ricklefs
  • History
    Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
  • 1976
While working in the Algemeen Rijksarchief, The Hague, in 1973, this writer had his attention drawn by Dr. G. V. Smith to an envelope in Koloniaal Archief 982 (Overgekomen Brieven en Papieren 1620)

A Malay sha‘ir in Old-Sumatran Characters of 1380 A

  • D. Acta Orientalia ediderunt Societates Orientales Batava Danica Norvegica Volume XIV:268-279.
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Tabel van oud- en nieuw- Indische alphabetten

Iets over Endeh

  • Tijdschrift voor Indische Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 24:481-580.
  • 1877

Revised final proposal for encoding the Lontara (Buginese) script in the UCS

This paper proposes to encode the Buginese script in the international character encoding standard Unicode, which was published in Unicode Standard version 4.1 in March 2005.

The Church and the Philippine Referendum of 1599

Cet article fait memoire du premier referendum de l'histoire coloniale que le roi Philippe II d'Espagne a lance aux Philippines en 1599. Il fut le fruit de decennies de reflexions et de debats sur

Illuminations: The Writing Traditions of Indonesia

social relations projects. However, as representations, objects are inherently vulnerable: they always risk being detached from the projects and agents they signify. Theoretically wide-ranging and