Indonesian Theosophical Society (1900–40) and the Idea of Religious Pluralism

  title={Indonesian Theosophical Society (1900–40) and the Idea of Religious Pluralism},
  author={Media Zainul Bahri},
  journal={Southeast Asian Studies},
  • M. Bahri
  • Published 1 April 2017
  • Political Science
  • Southeast Asian Studies
PrefaceThis research focuses on how the Indonesian Theosophical Society (ITS) during the pre-independence period (1900-40) spread its ideas on religious pluralism in appreciation of Indonesia's multireligious and multicultural society. This research is important for the following reasons. First, ITS is possibly the first "society" to have introduced a model of religious studies in Indonesia with an inclusive-pluralist character. This was achieved by emphasizing an esoteric approach and by… 

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