Individualized template-guided remodeling of the fronto-orbital bandeau in craniosynostosis corrective surgery.


Reshaping of the forehead and fronto-orbitlal bandeau in the correction of craniosynostosis requires careful attention to the ideal craniofacial proportions. Osteotomies guided by standard templates have been described to correct deformities of the fronto-orbital bandeau and forehead. We have used an individualized template as a guide to correction by osteotomy and remolding, in cases of craniosynostosis affecting the anterior cranium. This is a prospective study examining the use of an individualized template to correct the forehead and facial shape in a consecutive series of 15 craniosynostosis cases over a 6-month period. No significant differences for the group were found between the ideal individual template measurements and those actually achieved at the completion of surgery. The use of individualized templates guiding meticulous forehead remodeling allows for the normalization of craniofacial appearance in the correction of craniosynostosis.

DOI: 10.1097/SCS.0b013e318191ceed
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