Individualization of treatment strategies.

  title={Individualization of treatment strategies.},
  author={Amalia Fern{\'a}ndez Ortega and L Jolis L{\'o}pez and G Vi{\~n}as Villar{\'o} and Rafael Villanueva Vazquez and A Garc{\'i}a Arias and X Gonz{\'a}lez Farr{\'e} and S Gonz{\'a}lez Jim{\'e}nez and C Saura Manich and J Cort{\'e}s Cast{\'a}n},
  journal={Advances in therapy},
  volume={28 Suppl 6},
This section focuses on different aspects of the individualization of hormone treatment in breast cancer. This includes tumor-related biological factors such as expression of hormone receptors, HER-2, and Ki-67; host-related factors such as CYP2D6 or body mass index, and risk and/or development of specific toxicities and treatment adherence. The best predictor of response to hormonal interventions is the expression of hormone receptors, in particular, estrogen receptors. Treatment adherence and… CONTINUE READING
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