Individual and combined toxic effects of cypermethrin and chlorpyrifos on earthworm.

  title={Individual and combined toxic effects of cypermethrin and chlorpyrifos on earthworm.},
  author={Shi-ping Zhou and Changqun Duan and Wong Hang Gi Michelle and Fazhong Yang and Xuehua Wang},
  journal={Journal of environmental sciences},
  volume={23 4},
Toxicities were assessed for a pyrethroid (cypermethrin) and an organophosphate insecticide (chlorpyrifos) individually and in combination. A series of tests were conducted on different responses (acute, chronic, behavioral) of earthworms of species Eisenia fetida andrei in the ecological risk assessment of these pesticides. The results showed that the toxicity of the mixture of cypermethrin and chlorpyrifos was significantly higher than either of these pesticides individually, especially on… CONTINUE READING


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