Individual and combined effects of mycotoxins from typical indoor moulds.


The mycotoxins patulin, gliotoxin and sterigmatocystin can be produced by common indoor moulds and enter the human body via inhalation of mycotoxin containing spores and particulates. There are various studies about the individual effects of these mycotoxins, but a lack of knowledge about their effects in mixtures. The aim of this study was to evaluate combined effects on the singe celled organism Tetrahymena pyriformis. Using the MIXTOX model (EU project NOMIRACLE) synergistic or antagonistic effects with dose level deviation or dose ratio dependent deviation were analyzed. The most toxic compound gliotoxin (EC50 0.37 μM) and patulin (EC50 9.3 μM) as shown by the MIXTOX model acted synergistic, caused by similar mode of actions. Within the combination with sterigmatocystin (maximum inhibition of 45% at 12.5 μM) antagonistic effects were observed with switch to synergism if the toxicity of the mixture is mainly caused by sterigmatocystin. In the end the MIXTOX model was applicable for the prediction of combined effects of toxic compounds.

DOI: 10.1016/j.tiv.2013.06.019

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