Individual and Organizational Influences to the Use of Fire and Fuels Research by Federal Agency Managers

  title={Individual and Organizational Influences to the Use of Fire and Fuels Research by Federal Agency Managers},
  author={Mario Bizzini and Astrid Junge and Jiř{\'i} Dvoř{\'a}k and Jonathan J. Elsner and Gal Zur and Avi Shterling and Ron Arbel and Vincenzo Condello and Claudia Zorzi and Farshid Guilak and Emily R. Hershman},
The Cramer Fire of 2003 resulted in the tragic deaths of two firefighters, and there has been no shortage of debate and controversies since. However, the Cramer Fire also offers some powerful lessons, particularly in the breakdown of rational thinking and decisionmaking in a rapidly-changing fire environment. The final 20 minutes at H-2 can provide important insights and lessons in this realm. Additional keywords: Cramer Fire, acceleration, decision gates, sensemaking. Introduction Humans tend… 

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