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Individual Applications of Turkish Lactating Women to Increase the their Breastmilk Production

  title={Individual Applications of Turkish Lactating Women to Increase the their Breastmilk Production},
  author={Figen Alp Yilmaz and Ayşe Şener Taplak and S. Polat},
Breastmilk is known to be the oldest food given to infants after birth. In cases when breastmilk is inadequate, mothers resort to a variety of practices to increase breastmilk supply. The sample of the study consisted of 323 breastfeeding mothers who had 0-6-month old babies and presented to Family Health Centers (FHC) in Yozgat. The data were collected by the questionnaire form. In this study, it was determined that the participants consumed plenty of liquids and breastfed their babies… CONTINUE READING

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