Indirect-response model for the time course of leukopenia with anticancer drugs.

  title={Indirect-response model for the time course of leukopenia with anticancer drugs.},
  author={Hironobu Minami and Yasutsuna Sasaki and Nagahiro George Saijo and Tomoko Ohtsu and Hirofumi Fujii and Tatsuo Igarashi and Kiyoshi Itoh},
  journal={Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics},
  volume={64 5},
BACKGROUND Because both the nadir count and the duration of leukopenia after chemotherapy with anticancer drugs are important, a pharmacodynamic model describing the entire time course of leukopenia is valuable. In this study, a pharmacodynamic model was developed to simulate leukopenia. METHODS The model was developed with the 3-hour infusion data of paclitaxel. A concentration-time curve of paclitaxel for each patient estimated by a 3-compartment pharmacokinetic model was used as input to… CONTINUE READING
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