Indirect detection of light neutralino dark matter in the NMSSM

  title={Indirect detection of light neutralino dark matter in the NMSSM},
  author={Francesc Ferrer and Lawrence Krauss and Stefano Profumo},
We explore the prospects for indirect detection of neutralino dark matter in supersymmetric models with an extended Higgs sector (NMSSM). We compute, for the first time, one-loop amplitudes for NMSSM neutralino pair annihilation into two photons and two gluons, and point out that extra diagrams (with respect to the MSSM), featuring a potentially light CP-odd Higgs boson exchange, can strongly enhance these radiative modes. Expected signals in neutrino telescopes due to the annihilation of relic… 
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Tesis doctoral inedita leida en la Universida Autonoma de Madrid, Facultad de Ciencias, Departamento de Fisica Teorica. Fecha de lectura; 02-07-2014
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