Indinavir crystallization around the loop of Henle: experimental evidence.

  title={Indinavir crystallization around the loop of Henle: experimental evidence.},
  author={Jeanne P. Dieleman and Saima Salahuddin and Yen Sheng Hsu and David M Burger and Inge C. Gyssens and Miriam C. J. M. Sturkenboom and Bruno Hch Stricker and Dik J Kok},
  journal={Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes},
  volume={28 1},
OBJECTIVE To determine the probable site of the nephron and the plasma indinavir (IDV) concentration at which intrarenal IDV crystallization occurs. DESIGN We performed in vitro crystallization experiments in IDV solutions simulating conditions found in the nephron. METHODS To determine intrarenal IDV concentrations at which conditions in the nephron allow crystallization, several concentrations of IDV basic solutions (0-800 mM) were titrated from pH 4.0 to higher pH values until crystals… CONTINUE READING