Indigenous peoples: issues of definition

  title={Indigenous peoples: issues of definition},
  author={Delia J. Gonz{\'a}lez Sanders},
  journal={International Journal of Cultural Property},
  pages={4 - 13}
  • D. Sanders
  • Published 1 January 1999
  • Political Science
  • International Journal of Cultural Property
The progress that has been made by 'indigenous peoples' in international forums has been aided by the political perception that this category of claimants is limited and in some respects unique, and that such claims can properly and safely be treated as a special case. Although the imprecision of the category and the expanding array of groups involved in the 'indigenous peoples movement' could eventually threaten this perception and provoke more sustained demands for precision, such a… 

The identification of indigenous peoples in Peru. What about the self-identification criterion?

T This article aims to establish that the legal parameters to identify indigenous peoples in Peru limit the application of the self-identification principle. In order to achieve this objective, the

Highlands of history: Indigenous identity and its antecedents in Cambodia

The notion that Cambodia's highland people may claim a distinct ‘Indigenous’ identity has emerged only recently in Cambodia. To date, advocacy for rights under the banner of indigeneity has produced

Declaring Indigenous: International Aspirations and National Land Claims Through the Lens of Anthropology

In 2007, the United Nations adopted a landmark resolution for indigenous issues, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. After twenty years of preparation, there were, however, still

New Human Rights Concept for Old African Problems: An Analysis of the Challenges of Introducing and Implementing Indigenous Rights in Africa

  • P. Tamuno
  • Political Science
    Journal of African Law
  • 2017
Abstract The adoption by some peoples in Africa of the indigenous rights concept has brought about new challenges regarding the application of the concept to these peoples. The indigenous rights

Indigenous Rights

The following is material to consider for your syllabus. Specifically, there is: 1 Scholarly writing on indigenous rights written by diverse scholars and experts 2 Scholarly writing providing

Introduction to Indigenous Rights

This paper is the author's introductory chapter to a collection of essays on indigenous rights he edited in 2009. It provides an overview, not merely of the essays in the collection, but of the key

The Role of Indigenous and Global Community in Developing National Law in France

Indigenous peoples, or indigenous peoples, are "the descendants of those who lived in a country orgeographical region at a time when population groups of different cultures or ethnic origins arrived

Indigenous Peoples and the Protection of Their Secret Knowledge: A Promising Pathway Ahead

This work focuses on the intangible, secret aspects of indigenous peoples’ cultures and how such secret information is protected by

Identifying indigenous peoples for health research in a global context: a review of perspectives and challenges

While health researchers need to understand the Indigenous Peoples with whom they work, ultimately, indigenous groups themselves best define how they wish to be viewed and identified for research purposes.

Between rights and denials: Bedouin indigeneity in the Negev/Naqab

The paper examines the nature of indigenous identity among Bedouin Arabs in Negev/Naqab, Israel, against a background of conceptual, legal and political controversy. It traces theoretically and



Study on treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements between States and indigenous populations :

1. In Volume V (Conclusions, proposals and recommendations) of Mr. Martinez Cobo's monumental Study of the Problem of Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations, (Document

The concept of indigenous peoples in Africa

Dans la lutte pour l'independance, les leaders des nations africaines utilisaient le concept de population indigene pour mobiliser les citoyens contre le pouvoir colonial. Une fois independantes ces

The Formation of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples (IWGIA

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Seeking a New Partnership

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World Bank Policy on Indigenous Peoples