Indigenous Women's Visions of an Inclusive Feminism

  title={Indigenous Women's Visions of an Inclusive Feminism},
  author={Myrna Cunningham},
Myrna Cunningham reflects on two experiences that motivated her to seek out Indigenous women who identify as feminists, who understand both the importance of feminism and the transformations that are needed within the international women's movement in order for feminism to live up to its potential as a political practice. 
Latin America ’ s Indigenous Women
Latin America’s indigenous women are as diverse as the land they inhabit. Their uniqueness is shaped by belonging to groups that have their own distinct history, traditions, and identity. Yet despite
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  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 2015
Feminists Researching Fathering: What do we see through a reconciliation lens?
A reading of fathering discourses in the North American equality feminist communities and profeminist fathering communities reveals conflicting interests and beliefs, despite a shared goal of “gender
Decolonial feminist theory: Embracing the gendered colonial difference in management and organisation studies
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Feminist theories in management and organization studies, each with their own ontological and epistemological assumptions, offer critical perspectives of the status quo to challenge our idea of
Beyond Invisibility: A REDress Collaboration to Raise Awareness of the Crisis of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
This article describes the impact of a case study of the REDress project on a university campus in Nova Scotia, Canada. The REDress project is a grassroots initiative that operates at the local level
Approaching violence against Indigenous women in the Americas from relational, intersectional and multiscalar perspectives
ABSTRACT The epidemic of violence against Indigenous women in the Americas reveals a broad social dynamic that crosses national and regional borders. The violence of colonization and exploitation is
Empowering Women Empowering Cultures
Having discussed out some of the systemic dynamics that undermine women’s leadership in the context of business organizations, we now extend our analysis to women’s leadership roles within their
Shomeric Islands: Youth Forming Critical Pedagogies in the New Millennium
This research engages Toronto youth in explorative discussions on the educational community framework of the Hashomer Hatzair socialist Jewish youth movement, as an approach to critical pedagogy
CSR as Gendered Neocoloniality in the Global South
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has generally been recognized as corporate pro-social behavior aimed at remediating social issues external to organizations, while political CSR has acknowledged
Power, Gender and Democracy. From Domination to Gender Equality
^len^aWhen examining literature of gender and democracy, one realizes that the majority of the works on these subjects revolve around two related structural justifications. The first emphasizes on