Indigenous Vibrio cholerae strains from a non-endemic region are pathogenic

  title={Indigenous Vibrio cholerae strains from a non-endemic region are pathogenic},
  author={Atiqul Islam and Maurizio Labbate and Steven Philip Djordjevic and Munirul Alam and Aaron Darling and Jacqueline A Melvold and A. J. Holmes and Fatema Tuj Johura and Alejandro Cravioto and I. G. Charles and Harold W. Stokes},
  booktitle={Open biology},
Of the 200+ serogroups of Vibrio cholerae, only O1 or O139 strains are reported to cause cholera, and mostly in endemic regions. Cholera outbreaks elsewhere are considered to be via importation of pathogenic strains. Using established animal models, we show that diverse V. cholerae strains indigenous to a non-endemic environment (Sydney, Australia), including non-O1/O139 serogroup strains, are able to both colonize the intestine and result in fluid accumulation despite lacking virulence factors… CONTINUE READING