Indigenous Use and Trade of Dugong (Dugong dugon) in Sabah, Malaysia

  title={Indigenous Use and Trade of Dugong (Dugong dugon) in Sabah, Malaysia},
  author={Leela Rajamani and Annabel S Cabanban and Ridzwan Abdul Rahman},
Dugongs (Dugongidae: Dugong dugon) are represented by relic populations separated by areas where they are close to extinction if they not already extinct. However, in 1999, the dugong was determined to still exist in Malaysian waters after a spate of dugong deaths was reported in waters near Johors, in peninsular Malaysia. This incident focused attention on the status of dugongs in Malaysia, which has led to renewed interest in conducting research on dugongs. In eastern Malaysia, dugongs… 

Trade in dugong parts in Southern Bali

  • Paige B. LeeV. Nijman
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
  • 2015
Dugong Dugong dugon Lacépède, 1799, a globally threatened marine mammal that occurs in the coastal waters of the Indian and Pacific Ocean, is traded in small numbers throughout their range. We

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Bycatch of marine megafauna in fishing gear is a problem with global implications. Bycatch rates can be difficult to quantify, especially in countries where there are limited data on the abundance

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Dugongs - the last remaining Mermaids: Beast lore (Eco-lore), Post-colonialism and maritime Cultural Tourism in New Caledonia

This paper considers the ' Dugongs, les derniA¨res sirens’ , or, 'Dugongs: the last remaining mermaids' exhibition at Aquarium des Lagons in New Caledonia as a touristic commodification of the

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To better understand the present levels of contaminants in the Order Sirenia, the literature was reviewed to quantify these levels and to see if contaminant levels had increased over time.

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Area of the Coral Triangle (CT), namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste, comprises 5.7 million km2 of the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most

Eliciting local knowledge of ecosystem services using participatory mapping and Photovoice: A case study of Tun Mustapha Park, Malaysia

Different participatory approaches explored to understand the ecosystem services and the dynamics surrounding the services in Tun Mustapha Park provide support to the capability of local communities to provide information crucial for management of protected areas as well as room for improvement for further work.



The Sustainability of the Indigenous Dugong Fishery in Torres Strait, Australia / Papua New Guinea

The sustainability of the indigenous dugong ( Dugong dugon) fishery in Torres Strait is evaluated on the basis of aerial survey estimates of the size of the regional dugong population in 1987 and

Dugong : status reports and action plans for countries and territories

The dugong (Dugong dugon) is the only herbivorous mammal that is strictly marine. It has a range spanning some 37 countries, including tropical and subtropical coastal and island waters. This plan

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Present static reserves should be complemented with dynamic reserves that are part of ecosystem management mimicking natural disturbance regimes at the landscape level, such as ecological fallows and dynamic successional reserves.

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