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Indices of lipid metabolism and peroxidation in normal newborn infants

  title={Indices of lipid metabolism and peroxidation in normal newborn infants},
  author={Zabrodina Lv and Gaponova Eb and Gorokhova Lg and Dolgikh Mi and Zabelina Tv and Serebrennikova Oa and Filippova Es},
  journal={Laboratornoe delo},
Studies of lipid metabolism and peroxidation values, carried out in healthy newborns in the town of Irkutsk, have shown that total lipid and triglyceride levels in these newborns over the first ten days of their lives were similar to those in age-matched infants in the European USSR, whereas plasma total cholesterol levels were significantly higher in them as against the newborns in other regions of the country. The studies included measurements of malonic dialdehyde and total antioxidative… 
Ferroptosis: Final destination for cancer?
The potential application of ferroptosis in cancer therapy is discussed and a growing number of studies suggest that the relationship between ferroPTosis and cancer is extremely complicated and that ferroaptosis promises to be a novel approach for the cancer treatment.
Gene interfered-ferroptosis therapy of cancer
A novel therapy named as gene interfered-ferroptosis therapy (GIFT) is developed by combining iron nanoparticles and cancer-specific gene interference by using AAV and PEI-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles as gene vectors and found that the tumor growth in mice could be also significantly inhibited by the intravenously injected GIFT reagents.