Indices of asthma among atopic and non-atopic woodworkers.

  title={Indices of asthma among atopic and non-atopic woodworkers.},
  author={Vivi Schl{\"u}nssen and Inger Schaumburg and Dick J. J. Heederik and Ebbe Taudorf and Torben Sigsgaard},
  journal={Occupational and environmental medicine},
  volume={61 6},
AIMS To investigate the relation between wood dust exposure and different indices of asthma among woodworkers and non-exposed subjects. METHODS A total of 302 woodworkers and 71 non-exposed subjects answered a respiratory health questionnaire, underwent a non-specific bronchial provocation test using the Yan method, and received a skin prick test with 12 common inhalant allergens. Subgroups performed repeated peak flow monitoring and underwent a reversibility test. A total of 347 dust… CONTINUE READING