Indices of Trees with a Prescribed Diameter

  title={Indices of Trees with a Prescribed Diameter},
  author={Slobodan K. Simic and Bo Zhou},
Let G = (V (G), E(G)) be a simple graph, and let A be its adjacency matrix. The characteristic polynomial det(xI −A) of A is called the characteristic polynomial of G, and is denoted by φ(G, x). The eigenvalues of A (i.e. the zeros φ(G, x)) are called the eigenvalues of G. The index of a graph G is the largest eigenvalue of G, denoted by ρ(G). It has been studied extensively in the literature [1, 3]; see also [2]. In the class of all trees with n ≥ 6 vertices, M. Hofmeister [7] determined the… CONTINUE READING


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