Indicators of ocean and human health.

  title={Indicators of ocean and human health.},
  author={E Eric Dewailly and Chris Furgal and Anthony Knap and Jennifer P Galvin and Dan G. Baden and Bob Bowen and Michael Depledge and Linda Duguay and Lora Elderkin Fleming and T. B. Ford and Fredricka Moser and Richard Dahlin Owen and William A Suk and Umit Unluata},
  journal={Canadian journal of public health = Revue canadienne de sante publique},
  volume={93 Suppl 1},
The interactions between humans and the ocean are significant, and necessitate more comprehensive study on an international scale. The world's oceans provide great health benefits to humans ranging from food and nutritional resources, to recreational opportunities and new treatments for human disease. However, recently, human health effects from exposure to substances present in the marine ecosystem such as synthetic organic chemicals (e.g., chlorobiphenyls, chlorinated dioxins and some… CONTINUE READING