Indicators of Marital Satisfaction of Batangueño Couples: Components of Love and the Other External Factors in Marriage

  title={Indicators of Marital Satisfaction of Batangue{\~n}o Couples: Components of Love and the Other External Factors in Marriage},
  author={Madonna Nympha and S. Carandang and Isabel Cherta Vivien and Prasanna Guda},
  journal={International Journal of Information and Education Technology},
This study dealt with the correlation between the levels of Sternberg's components of love (intimacy, passion and commitment) and the level of marital satisfaction of selected married couples in Batangas. Moreover, the levels of components of love and levels of marital satisfaction based on the varying profile of the respondents are compared. A survey method using questionnaires (Triangular Theory of Love Scale (TTLS) and Couples Satisfaction Index (CSI-32)) translated in Filipino language were… 

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