Indications of neutrino oscillation in a 250 km long-baseline experiment.

  title={Indications of neutrino oscillation in a 250 km long-baseline experiment.},
  author={M. Ahn and S. Aoki and H. Bhang and S. Boyd and D. Casper and J. H. Choi and S. Fukuda and Y. Fukuda and W. Gajewski and T. Hara and M. Hasegawa and T. Hasegawa and Y. Hayato and J. Hill and A. K. Ichikawa and A. Ikeda and T. Inagaki and T. Ishida and T. Ishii and M. Ishitsuka and Y. Itow and T. Iwashita and H. I. Jang and J. S. Jang and E. J. Jeon and C. K. Jung and T. Kajita and J. Kameda and K. Kaneyuki and I. Kato and E. Kearns and A. Kibayashi and D. Kiełczewska and K. Kobayashi and B. J. Kim and C. O. Kim and J. Y. Kim and Soobong Kim and T. Kobayashi and M. Kohama and Y. Koshio and W. Kropp and J. Learned and S. H. Lim and I. T. Lim and H. Maesaka and K. Martens and T. Maruyama and S. Matsuno and C. Mauger and C. McGrew and S. Mine and M. Miura and K. Miyano and S. Moriyama and M. Nakahata and Katsumi Nakamura and I. Nakano and F. Nakata and T. Nakaya and S. Nakayama and T. Namba and K. Nishikawa and S. Nishiyama and S. Noda and A. Obayashi and A. Okada and T. Ooyabu and Y. Oyama and M. Y. Pac and H. Park and M. Sakuda and N. Sakurai and N. Sasao and K. Scholberg and E. Sharkey and M. Shiozawa and H. So and H. Sobel and A. Stachyra and J. L. Stone and Y. Suga and L. Sulak and A. Suzuki and Y. Suzuki and Y. Takeuchi and N. Tamura and T. Toshito and Y. Totsuka and M. Vagins and C. Walter and R. J. Wilkes and S. Yamada and S. Yamamoto and C. Yanagisawa and H. Yokoyama and J. Yoo and M. Yoshida and J. Zalipska},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={90 4},
  • M. Ahn, S. Aoki, +96 authors J. Zalipska
  • Published 2003
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • The K2K experiment observes indications of neutrino oscillation: a reduction of nu(mu) flux together with a distortion of the energy spectrum. Fifty-six beam neutrino events are observed in Super-Kamiokande (SK), 250 km from the neutrino production point, with an expectation of 80.1(+6.2)(-5.4). Twenty-nine one ring mu-like events are used to reconstruct the neutrino energy spectrum, which is better matched to the expected spectrum with neutrino oscillation than without. The probability that… CONTINUE READING
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