Indications of dx2-y2 superconductivity in the two dimensional t-J model.

  title={Indications of dx2-y2 superconductivity in the two dimensional t-J model.},
  author={Dagotto and Riera},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={70 5},
  • Dagotto, Riera
  • Published 7 December 1992
  • Physics
  • Physical review letters
Superconducting correlations in the two dimensional t-J model at zero temperature are evaluated using numerical techniques. At the fermionic density (n)∼1/2, strong signals of d x2-y2x superconductivity were observed in the ground state. These conclusions are based on a study of static pairing correlations, the Meissner effect, and flux quantization as indicators of superconductivity. A tentative phase diagram of the two dimensional t-J model is presented 
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