Indications for pancreaticosplenectomy in advanced gastric cancer.

  title={Indications for pancreaticosplenectomy in advanced gastric cancer.},
  author={Kunisaki Chikara and Shimada Hiroshi and Nomura Masato and Akiyama Hirotoshi and Matsuda Goro and Ono Hidetaka},
  volume={48 39},
BACKGROUND/AIMS The lymph nodes along the splenic artery (No. 11) and at the splenic hilum (No. 10) are classified in group 2 (n2) in the Japanese Classification of Gastric Carcinoma. Pancreaticosplenectomy is performed to achieve complete D2 dissection, but its efficacy remains controversial. To clarify the indications for pancreaticosplenectomy in gastric… CONTINUE READING