Indian kala-azar caused by Leishmania tropica.

  title={Indian kala-azar caused by Leishmania tropica.},
  author={David L Sacks and R T Kenney and R D Kreutzer and Charles L Jaffe and Aditya K Gupta and Mahesh Chand Sharma and Sahab P Sinha and Franklin A. Neva and R Sharmila Saran},
  volume={345 8955},
Kala-azar, or visceral leishmaniasis, in India is generally assumed to be a result of infection with Leishmania donovani. 15 parasite isolates collected over the past 10 years from patients with classical disease were typed by monoclonal antibodies, isoenzymes, and kDNA analysis. 4 were shown to be L tropica, a species historically associated with cutaneous disease and more recently a mild "visceralising" disease from the Desert Storm experience. The results confirm that L tropica is a co… CONTINUE READING

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