Indian economy and Nighttime Lights

  title={Indian economy and Nighttime Lights},
  author={Jeet Agnihotri and Subhankar Mishra},
  journal={2021 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Economy (ICCIKE)},
  • Jeet Agnihotri, Subhankar Mishra
  • Published 2021
  • Computer Science, Economics
  • 2021 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Economy (ICCIKE)
Forecast India’s economic growth has been traditionally an uncertain exercise. The indicators and factors affecting economic structures and the variables required to model that captures the situation correctly is point of concern. Although the forecast should be specific to the country we are looking at; however countries do have interlinkages among them. As the time series can be more volatile, and sometimes certain variables are unavailable; it is harder to predict for the developing… Expand

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