Indian Psychiatry and Indian Journal of Psychiatry - A journey

  title={Indian Psychiatry and Indian Journal of Psychiatry - A journey},
  author={T. S. Sathyanarayana Rao and G. Swaminath and Gundugurti Prasad Rao},
  booktitle={Indian journal of psychiatry},
Byline: T. S.. Rao, G. Swaminath, Prasad. Rao "When we climb high places of the Earth , plodding slowly at a mountaineer's pace with crampons on our boots , that we may keep foothold on the blue ice , we should stop from time to time and , steadying ourselves with our ice - axe for a moment , raise our down -bent eyes , weary with guiding our steps between crevasses , to the great peaks , we would conquer , and see , too the foothills we have left behind . Only by gazing , thus , can the Alpine… CONTINUE READING