Indian Nationalists and the Drain, 1880—1905

  title={Indian Nationalists and the Drain, 1880—1905},
  author={Bipan Chandra},
  journal={Indian Economic And Social History Review},
  pages={103 - 144}
  • Bipan Chandra
  • Published 1 April 1965
  • Economics, History
  • Indian Economic And Social History Review
IN the opinion of the Indian national leadership one of the most important causes of the poverty in India was the drain of wealth to England. According to one section of the leadership this drain was the very fountainhead of all evil in India. In fact, a great deal of the national agitation during the period under study was based on the ‘drain theory’ or the belief that a part of the national wealth or of its total annual product was being exported to England for which India got no adequate… 
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