India failing children orphaned by AIDS

  title={India failing children orphaned by AIDS},
  author={Bharathi Ghanashyam},
  journal={The Lancet},

AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children in India: Problems, Prospects, and Concerns

The article suggests a number of measures that government and civil society could take to address the problems and emphasizes the need to learn from other countries' experience and initiatives in developing appropriate policy and programmes for orphan and vulnerable children.

Pattern of disease disclosure to patients in pediatric HIV clinic in a tertiary care center in Kerala

Background: The pattern and rates of disclosure of HIV status to infected children may differ within a country, and among the states, based on the socioeconomic, cultural, and even health status.

Adolescent HIV/AIDS: Issues and challenges

Clinically, the HIV infected adolescents present as physically stunted individuals, with delayed puberty and adrenarche, and treatment related issues revolve around the when and what of initiation of ART; the choice of antiretrovirals and their dosages; issues related to long term ADRs; sense of disinhibition following ART commencement; adherence and resistance.

Depression among AIDS-orphaned children higher than among other orphaned children in southern India

Being a child orphaned by AIDS had the highest effect on the intensity of depression, and these findings could be used for further planning of mental health interventions to meet the mental health needs of orphaned children.

Health-promoting practices and the factors associated with self-reported poor health in caregivers of children orphaned by AIDS in southwest Uganda

There is a need for organised and formal health-promotion programmes for caregivers of children orphaned by AIDS, especially in rural areas of developing countries.