India's BJP Government and health: 1 year on

  title={India's BJP Government and health: 1 year on},
  author={Dinesh Chandra Sharma},
  journal={The Lancet},
  • D. Sharma
  • Published 23 May 2015
  • Political Science
  • The Lancet

Improving access to medicines for non-communicable diseases in rural primary care: results from a quasi-randomized cluster trial in a district in South India

There were improvements in NCD medicine availability across PHCs, the number of patients accessing PHCs and reduction in OOP expenditure among patients, across the study arms as compared to the control arm; however, these differences were not statistically significant.

Improving public health service delivery response to address contraceptive needs of socio-economically disadvantaged HIV positive people in Maharashtra, India

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) were developed in consultation with key stakeholders to address operational linkage of HIV and family programs and saw significant improvement in acceptance of dual contraception by PLHIV couples as a result of the intervention.

Improving Access to Medicines for Non-Communicable Diseases in Rural Primary Care: Results from a Cluster Randomised Trial in a District in South India

Depending on local context some PHCs were able to overcome health system barriers better than the others and health service interventions at PHC and community level could be hindered by wider health system challenges beyond control of localized study interventions.

Out-of-pocket expenditure on maternity care for hospital births in Uttar Pradesh, India

The findings suggest that the OOPE on maternity care for hospital births reported in this study is much higher as it was collected with a better methodology, although with smaller sample size, and ongoing maternity benefit scheme in India in general and Uttar Pradesh in particular need to consider.

Can draft national health policy-2015 revamp mental health system in India?

The hassles in the existing system must be identified and efforts to cut down the over-burdened system should be made to cater to the actual needs of the community.

Urban health advantages and penalties in India : overview and case studies - discussion paper

The extent toWhich health, nutrition, and population conditions may be contributing to the benefits of urbanization, as well as the extent to which they may reflect its costs is explored.

Quality Of Health Care In India: Challenges, Priorities, And The Road Ahead.

India's health care sector provides a wide range of quality of care, from globally acclaimed hospitals to facilities that deliver care of unacceptably low quality. Efforts to improve the quality of

High Spending on Maternity Care in India: What Are the Factors Explaining It?

The findings show that household spending on maternity care is much higher than previous estimates and India needs to improve the availability and accessibility of better-quality public health services and increase maternity entitlements in line with maternity expenditure identified in this study.


Assessment of the levels of knowledge, attitude and practices for prevention of malaria in tribal of Jawhar, Maharashtra found knowledge on etiology and symptoms of malaria is found to be optimum level, while knowledge regarding the complications and preventive methods were found low among the participants.