India's “Grand Strategy” for the Indian Ocean: Mahanian Visions

  title={India's “Grand Strategy” for the Indian Ocean: Mahanian Visions},
  author={David Scott},
  journal={Asia-Pacific Review},
  pages={129 - 97}
  • David Scott
  • Published 1 November 2006
  • History
  • Asia-Pacific Review
This article considers how India sees the Indian Ocean, and in particular its drive to make the Indian Ocean, “India's Ocean.” Various comparisons and links are made. Firstly there is the role and application of Mahanian tenets of “sea-power,” in particular naval projection, control of sea-routes and access to bases. Second is the contrast between the earlier maritime visions of Kavalam Panikkar (1945) and Keshav Vaidya (1949) and the continental mindset evident under Nehru and his successors… 
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