Indexes and Special Discretization Methods for Linear partial Differential Algebraic Equations

  title={Indexes and Special Discretization Methods for Linear partial Differential Algebraic Equations},
  author={W. Lucht and K. Strehmel and C. Eichler-Liebenow},
  journal={BIT Numerical Mathematics},
Linear partial differential algebraic equations (PDAEs) of the form Aut(t, x) + Buxx(t, x) + Cu(t, x) = f(t, x) are studied where at least one of the matrices A, B ∈ Rn×n is singular. For these systems we introduce a uniform differential time index and a differential space index. We show that in contrast to problems with regular matrices A and B the initial conditions and/or boundary conditions for problems with singular matrices A and B have to fulfill certain consistency conditions… Expand
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