Index to the species of Mollusca introduced from 1850 to 1870

  title={Index to the species of Mollusca introduced from 1850 to 1870},
  author={Florence A. Ruhoff},
Ruhoff, Florence A. Index to the Species of Mollusca Introduced from 1850 to 1870. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, number 294, 640 pages, 1980.—A compilation, alphabetically arranged, of the names of species of Mollusca introduced during the years 1850-1870, including a bibliography of molluscan literature written at that time. A taxonomic list, alphabetically arranged by genera, is included. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION DATE is handstamped in a limited number of initial copies and is recorded in… 
Catalogue of Recent and fossil taxa of the family Architectonicidae Gray, 1850 (Mollusca: Gastropoda)
It is demonstrated that Solarium maculatum Link, 1807 was validly introduced and, as Architectonica maculata, becomes the valid name for the species usually cited as A. picta, and the history and current status of the similarly spelled and inconsistently used nomina Fluxiella and Fluxinella (as placed in Architectonicidae and/or Seguenziidae) are discussed.
From the shadows of the past: Moricand senior and junior, two 19th century naturalists from Geneva, with their newly described taxa and molluscan types.
: Stéfano Moricand (1779-1854) and his son Jacques (1823-1877) were amateur scientists active in Geneva. Moricand senior was interested in botany, mineralogy, entomology, and malacology. Between
Catalogue and bibliography of Recent and fossil Botula (Bivalvia: Mytilidae)
This annotated catalogue considers the names for species, subspecies and varieties of Recent and fossil bivalves that have been used for mytilid Botula Morch, 1853, as a genus or subgeneric taxon in
Isaac Lea's (1792–1886) Substitutions and Other Modifications of His Own Names of Molluscan Species
ABSTRACT The American conchologist Isaac Lea had a long and productive career during which he introduced more than 1,800 names of molluscan species between 1827 and 1874, the majority North American
Introduction to Physidae (Gastropoda: Hygrophila); biogeography, classification, morphology.
  • D. Taylor
  • Biology
    Revista de biologia tropical
  • 2003
The two established subfamilies of Physinae are divided into seven new tribes including 11 new genera, with diagnoses and lists of species referred to each, and the simplest reproductive system is found in Austrinauta of the Aplexinae.
John Clarkson Jay (1808–1891): His Life and Malacological Contributions
A biography, bibliography and taxonomic catalog for John Clarkson Jay is provided, emphasizing his malacological research based upon his sizable collection and his contributions to the growth and expansion of the New York Lyceum of Natural History.
Ryckholt's Melanges Paleontologiques, 1851-1862, with a New Name for Tudicula H. & A. Adams, non Ryckholt
Ryckholt's little known and seldom cited Me4langes Paleontologiques is discussed and dated. His names for invertebrate taxa of generic rank, most of which are mollusks from the De- vonian,
The Malacological Works and Taxa of Sylvanus Hanley (1819–1899)
The malacological works of Sylvanus Hanley (and his relative Charles Thorpe) are discussed and their dates in some cases clarified and the current status of the available taxa discussed.
Notes on some interesting species of Mollusca Gastropoda of the Monterosato collection from the Museum of Paleontology (Catania University, Italy)
Received 12.07.2018; accepted 10.09.2018; published online 28.12.2019 Proceedings of the 4th International Congress on Biodiversity “Man, Natural Habitats and Euro-Mediterranean Biodiversity”,


Note complementaire sur le Lyria deliciosa et son opercule
  • 1866