Index to Volumes I-XIII (1992-2004)

  title={Index to Volumes I-XIII (1992-2004)},
  author={K. Thomas and Kathy Gary Lee Andrea Carter Stonum and K. L. Brown},
  journal={The Emily Dickinson Journal},
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Fading Ratios: Johnson's Variorum Edition of Emily Dickinson's Poetry
Viily Dickinson's poems defy easy definition. Thomas Higginson 'was one ofthe first to speak for many when he called her verses "remarkable, though odd. . . . too delicate— not strong enough toExpand
The Giant at the Other Side: Emily Dickinson and the Inhuman
(Li or as long as Emily Dickinson's poems have challenged us with their Ç_JT complexities, we have interpreted them in our own image. "Her countrymen should know everything there is to know aboutExpand
To "See—Comparatively": Emily Dickinsons Use of Simile
\Y/e see — Comparatively — " (P534)1 says one of Emily DickVV inson's speakers; and over one third of her poems contain patterns that enact this epistemological thesis by featuring what Eco callsExpand
Editorial Policy in The Poems of Emily Dickinson, Third Series
Mabel Loomis Todd has become an important literary figure because she lived five years in close proximity to Emily Dickinson, was friends of a kind with the poet, and later became one of the poet'sExpand
Disclosing Pictures: Emily Dickinson's Quotations from the Paintings of Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, and Holman Hunt
O nee upon a time six years ago, I was reading Emily Dickinson. This was not a new pursuit. I first entered the world of her poems as a puzzled child and next when a prep school teacher scolded meExpand
Elle signe souvent "Emilie": Emily Dickinson and the French Critical Response
/n Europe, France is second only to Italy in publishing Dickinson criticism, but this fact comes with a pervasive American avoidance of French Dickinson scholarship. American Dickinson scholars, itExpand
Editing the New Poems of Emily Dickinson
After working with Dickinson's writings for many years, I have come to take two statements as fairly axiomatic. The poems we have known for a century now usually (though not always) take on theExpand
Emily Dickinson's Circumference: Figuring a Blind Spot in the Romantic Tradition
* yfmong the key words that Emily Dickinson returns to in her V ,-/x poetry — Eternity, Death, Arc, Crescent, Circuit— few have received as much attention or been as difficult to elucidate as herExpand
Emily Dickinson and the Limits of Logic: The Example of Her Puritan Heritage
Ina February 1859 letter Emily Dickinson draws a witty sketch of current J. local trivia for the benefit of Mary Emerson Haven who, together with her husband, had left Amherst the previous year.Expand
"What Is Inspiration?": Emily Dickinson, T. W. Higginson, and Maria White Lowell
/n 1862, Emily Dickinson initiated a sometimes flippant, sometimes beseeching, often enigmatic correspondence with Thomas Wentworth Higginson, a reformer and man of letters who would co-edit herExpand