Index of the Ideas, in 'brief' Form

  • b . Invocation
  • Published 2008


ion is reconceptualization of sense [Fine,K] 9142 Equivalence aims to capture similarity [Lipschutz] 8920 A real direction requires a line [Lowe] 8306 Equivalence functions assert abstractions [Rosen] 8918 Beware of trains turning out abstract! [Rosen] 8919 Abstraction uses second-order principles [Cook/Ebert] 9141 e. Way of example How exactly do donkeys and numbers differ? [Lewis] 8938 f. Way of negation Abstractions have no causation or location [Mellor/Oliver] 4039 Abstractions have no causal powers [Lowe] 4237 A centre of mass is abstract but located [Lowe] 4238 Abstracta are non-spatial and non-causal [Rosen] 8912 Abstract chess is in space and time [Rosen] 8913 A non-spatial set of books is on a shelf [Rosen] 8914 Abstracta: imperceptible, non-causal, non-spat [Szabó] 8955 g. Way of conflation Some abstracta have locations [Lewis] 8902 Sets and universals can be causal [Lewis] 8903 How do we abstract extrinsic features? [Lewis] 8906 Abstraction might pick out tropes/universals [Lewis] 8905 Abstractions as sets/universals is too much [Rosen] 8916

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