Index of notation

  title={Index of notation},
  author={J. Pearson},
log: natural logarithm, xiv exp: exponential function, xiv ∅,∈,⊆, (,∪,∩, \, |·|: set notation, xiv S1 × · · · × Sn,S: Cartesian product, xiv {xi}i∈I : family, xv {xi}i=m, {xi} ∞ i=m: sequence, xv Z: the integers, xv Q: the rationals, xv R: the reals, xv C: the complex numbers, xv ∞: arithmetic with infinity, xvi [a, b], (a, b), etc.: interval notation, xvi f (S): image of a set, xvi f−1: pre-image of a set/inverse function, xvi f ◦ g: function composition, xvi a | b: a divides b, 1 bxc: floor… Expand
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