Index aims for fair ranking of scientists

  title={Index aims for fair ranking of scientists},
  author={Philip Ball},
  • P. Ball
  • Published 17 August 2005
  • Education
  • Nature
‘H-index’ sums up publication record. 

Top five in physics

Novel citation index highlights hot topics of interest to academics, researchers and journalists.

On the Opportunities and Limitations of the H-index

A new indicator for the assessment of the research performance of individual scientists was suggested by Jorge E. Hirsch in 2005. Several opportunities and limitations of this new measure are

The b index as a measure of scientific excellence. A promising supplement to the h index

We propose the b index as a measure of scientific excellence at the micro and meso levels, as a promising supplement to the h index and its variants (such as g index and R index).

The h index and career assessment by numbers.

Possible and Necessary h-Indices

A class of so-called p-sphere indices, which generalize the well known Hirsch index, is used to construct a possibility measure of scientific impact, which might be treated as a starting point for prediction of future index values or for dealing with right-censored bibliometric data.

Does the h-index for ranking of scientists really work?

It was found that on average the h-index for successful applicants for post-doctoral research fellowships was consistently higher than for non-successful applicants.

Characteristic scores and scales based on h-type indices

Assessing scientific research performance and impact with single indices

We provide a comprehensive and critical review of the h-index and its most important modifications proposed in the literature, as well as of other similar indicators measuring research output and

Prestige is factored into journal ratings

‘Y-factor’ measures quality as well as quantity of citations in the PageRank algorithm, one of the new ‘status indices’ being proposed as rivals to the familiar concept of impact factors as a tool for rating science journals.

H-Index for Price Medalists

A look at the h-index of all still active Price Medal awardees, which is an extremely simple and compre-hensible indicator that is based on quite long publication periods and variable citationwindows, and it is predestined for purpose indeed.