Independence, well-being, and social participation in an aging population.

  title={Independence, well-being, and social participation in an aging population.},
  author={Fiona M. Alpass and Andy Towers and Christine T. Stephens and Eljon D. Fitzgerald and Brendan Stevenson and Judith A. Davey},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
In 2005 the Health, Work, and Retirement (HWR) Longitudinal Study was established at Massey University in order to identify the later-midlife factors that lay the basis for community participation, independence, and health in later life. Information was collected via postal questionnaire on physical and mental health, psychosocial factors, work and retirement attitudes, and socioeconomic and demographic indicators of a sample of 6662 community-dwelling adults aged 55-70 years. This report… CONTINUE READING

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