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Indefinite causal order is not always a resource for thermodynamic processes

  title={Indefinite causal order is not always a resource for thermodynamic processes},
  author={Matheus Capela and Harshit Verma and Fabio Costa and Lucas Chibebe C'eleri},
Indefinite causal order is a key feature involved in the study of quantum higher order transformations. Recently, intense research has been focused on possible advantages related to the lack of definite causal order of quantum processes. Quite often the quantum switch is claimed to provide advantages in information-theoretic and thermodynamic tasks. We address here the question whether indefinite causal order is a resource for quantum thermodynamics. Inspired by previous results in the literature… 



Quantum computation and quantum information

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    Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
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This special issue of Mathematical Structures in Computer Science contains several contributions related to the modern field of Quantum Information and Quantum Computing. The first two papers deal

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Since 2001, we have observed the central region of our Galaxy with the near-infrared (J, H, and Ks) camera SIRIUS and the 1.4 m telescope IRSF. Here I present the results about the infrared


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Multilinear Algebra

Theorem 1.1. Suppose that V , W are finite dimensional vector spaces over a field F . Then there exists a vector space T over F , and a bilinear map φ : V ×W → T such that T satisfies the following

The Theory of Quantum Information

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