Ind-abelian categories and quasi-coherent sheaves

  title={Ind-abelian categories and quasi-coherent sheaves},
  author={Daniel Schappi},
We study the question when a category of ind-objects is abelian. Our answer allows a further generalization of the notion of weakly Tannakian categories introduced by the author. As an application we show that, under suitable conditions, the category of coherent sheaves on the product of two schemes with the resolution property is given by the Deligne tensor product of the categories of coherent sheaves of the two factors. To do this we prove that the class of quasi-compact and semi-separated… 
Tensor products of finitely cocomplete and abelian categories
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Tannaka duality and its extensions by Lurie, Sch\"appi et al. reveal that many schemes as well as algebraic stacks may be identified with their tensor categories of quasi-coherent sheaves. In this
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The resolution property of algebraic surfaces
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    Compositio Mathematica
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Abstract We prove that on separated algebraic surfaces every coherent sheaf is a quotient of a locally free sheaf. This class contains many schemes that are neither normal, reduced, quasiprojective
Homotopy theory of comodules over a Hopf algebroid
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