Incretin effect: GLP-1, GIP, DPP4.

  title={Incretin effect: GLP-1, GIP, DPP4.},
  author={Kyriafeos Kazafeos},
  journal={Diabetes research and clinical practice},
  volume={93 Suppl 1},
The term incretin effect was used to describe the fact that oral glucose load produces a greater insulin response than that of an isoglycemic intravenous glucose infusion. This difference has been attributed to gastrointestinal peptides GLP-1 and GIP. Since incretin effect is reduced in subjects with type 2 diabetes, despite GLP-1 activity preservation, two forms of incretin-based treatment have emerged: GLP-1R agonists, administered subcutaneously and DPP-4 inhibitors, administered orally… CONTINUE READING
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