Incremental Shifts in pH Spring Water Can Be Stored as “Space-Memory”: Encoding and Retrieval Through the Application of the Same Rotating Magnetic Field

  title={Incremental Shifts in pH Spring Water Can Be Stored as “Space-Memory”: Encoding and Retrieval Through the Application of the Same Rotating Magnetic Field},
  author={Blake T. Dotta and Lukasz M. Karbowski and Nirosha J Murugan and Michael A. Persinger},
Both four-dimensional (space-time) models and Casimir-like processes predict that the representations of stimulus-response pairing remain in altered or virtual states that can be potentially retrieved. Over a six month period we demonstrated “excess correlations” between mild acidification in quantities (50 ml) of spring water in a local space and the temporally contiguous incremental alkalinisation in nonlocal quantities of water when both loci were exposed to the same experimental paradigm… 

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