Incremental Fuzzy CoCo : Incremental Coevolution of Fuzzy Systems

  title={Incremental Fuzzy CoCo : Incremental Coevolution of Fuzzy Systems},
  author={Carlos Andr{\'e}s Pe{\~n}a-Reyes and Carlos. Pena}
Fuzzy CoCo is a cooperative coevolutionary approach to fuzzy modeling, wherein two coevolving species are defined: database (membership functions) and rule base. Fuzzy CoCo requires the user to define a maximum number of rules for a given run. However, for each problem there exists a range of ideal rule-base sizes, that is hard to determine. The user is thus obliged to find this range by trial and error. I propose in this paper an extension to Fuzzy CoCo, intended to simplify the task of… CONTINUE READING