Increasing the Selectivity of Drug Discrimination Procedures

  title={Increasing the Selectivity of Drug Discrimination Procedures},
  author={James B. Appel and William B West and Walter G Rolandi and Tevfik Alici and Kara Pechersky},
  journal={Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior},
In an attempt to increase the selectivity of drug discrimination, rats were trained to discriminate LSD (0.08 mg/kg) from a group of "other" compounds consisting of cocaine (10 mg/kg), pentobarbital (5 mg/kg), and saline. Acquisition of this LSD-other discrimination was rapid (31 days) in chambers equipped with retractable levers and did not differ significantly from that of a group of animals trained to discriminate LSD from saline (26 days). In substitution (generalization) tests… CONTINUE READING


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