Increasing the Productivity of Eucalypt Forests in New South Wales

  title={Increasing the Productivity of Eucalypt Forests in New South Wales},
  author={Richard A. Curtin},
  journal={Australian Forestry},
  • R. Curtin
  • Published 1970
  • Economics
  • Australian Forestry
SUMMARY The past and present yields of typical eucalypt forests in New South Wales are in the order of 3 to 40 cubic feet per acre; but the potential productivity is often in excess of 100 cubic feet per acre. The low actual yields are due to the low level and poor quality of the forest growing stock. Various characteristics of the growing stock are considered. Productivity can be increased by adopting an appropriate silvicultural treatment which promotes the rapid regeneration of unstocked… 
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Site productivity indices for native forests in southeast Queensland
  • V. Jay, M. Neumann
  • Environmental Science
    IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
  • 2021
Site productivity, or site quality, describes the potential biomass growth and yield of vegetation at a given location. Land managers have devised indices for site productivity using attributes


SUMMARY The data obtained from the remeasurement of a grid of permanent inventory plots on Coopernook State Forest, near Taree. have been used to determine: — 1. The level of growing stock associated
Growth habits of the Eucalypts.