Increasing comorbidity with diabetes in the community: diabetes research challenges.


BACKGROUND The purpose of this paper is to discuss the ongoing definitional, measurement and analytic challenges imposed on community-based diabetes researchers examining the experiences and outcomes of home-dwelling adults surviving longer with diabetes and additional comorbid health conditions. When selecting from the still limited number of standard hospital-oriented comorbidity methods, researchers across the world will need to consider a frequently complex series of methodological decisions from their enrolling such adults with increased comorbidity into study samples. CONCLUSIONS Three categories of methodological implications from increasing forms of comorbid diabetes are discussed for diabetes researchers. Six sequenced research design strategies with specific examples are offered regarding how to most rigorously incorporate elements of comorbidity into prospective diabetes study designs.

DOI: 10.1016/j.diabres.2012.11.011

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@article{Corser2013IncreasingCW, title={Increasing comorbidity with diabetes in the community: diabetes research challenges.}, author={William D Corser}, journal={Diabetes research and clinical practice}, year={2013}, volume={100 2}, pages={173-80} }