Increasing allergy potency of Zinnia pollen grains in polluted areas.

  title={Increasing allergy potency of Zinnia pollen grains in polluted areas.},
  author={Abdolkarim Chehregani and Ahmad Majde and Mostafa Moin and Mansour Gholami and Mohammad Ali Shariatzadeh and Hosein Nassiri},
  journal={Ecotoxicology and environmental safety},
  volume={58 2},
There is much evidence that allergic symptoms represent a major health problem in polluted cities. The aim of this research is to elucidate some microscopic effects of air pollutants on pollen structure, proteins, and allergenicity. A scanning electron microscopy study of pollen grains indicated that in polluted areas, airborne particles accumulate on the surface of pollen grains and change the shape and tectum of pollen. Also, many vesicles are released from polluted pollen grains and the… CONTINUE READING

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