Increasing Voter Participation by Altering the Costs and Stakes of Voting*

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Voting in a Pandemic: COVID-19 and Primary Turnout in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We report the first study of the effect of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on polling place consolidation and voting behavior. We draw upon individual-level observations from Milwaukee



The Impact of Television Market Size on Voter Turnout in American Elections

The turnout literature has identified individual, social, and institutional factors that increase citizen voting. Our article shows that local television market size also affects turnout. Larger

Expected closeness and turnout: An empirical analysis for the German General Elections, 1983--1994

This paper investigates whether expected closeness had a significant impact on turnout in the different electoral districts of the German General Elections, 1983-1994. We find no closeness effect for

On the Role of the Primary System in Candidate Selection

How does the type of the primary system affect political outcomes? We address this issue by constructing a simple model that accounts for intra-party as well as inter-party political competition. Our

The Effect of Voting Technology on Voter Turnout: Do Computers Scare the Elderly?

In the aftermath of the Florida debacle in the 2000 Presidential election, there has been an emphasis on replacing voting equipment perceived as inferior (e.g., punch card ballots) with more

Economic Theories of Voter Turnout

(i) The voting paradox Why would the rational individual bother to spend time and resources to become well informed, go to the polls on the election day and maybe even wait in a queue? Why would a

The Effect of All-mail Elections on Voter Turnout

Proponents of all-mail elections argue that this type of election facilitates participation such that elevated levels of turnout occur. The research tests this assumption by analyzing 48 statewide

Changing Election Methods: How Does Mandated Vote-By-Mail Affect Individual Registrants?

Abstract What would happen if voting by mail became compulsory? Laws allowing no excuse absentee voting are on the books in twenty-nine states. Enhanced voting options appear to be popular among

Follow The Leader: Theory And Evidence On Political Participation

This paper presents an empirical and theoretical investigation of the strategic components to political participation. Using state-by-state voting data for the eleven U.S. Presidential elections,

Campaign Spending and Voter Participation in State Legislative Elections

Objective Previous studies demonstrate that campaigns play an important role in mobilizing citizen participation in elections. The present analysis examines the effects of campaign spending on