Increasing QoS and Security in 4G Networks Using Cognitive Intelligence


Mobile networks have become an essential part of our day to day lives. The information shared requires secure communications with high reliability and qualityof-service (QoS). Hence, designing a 4G network to provide secure IP-based service by trading off constraints such as battery life, bandwidth and size to mobile users is a challenging task. In this paper, a cognitive framework using an evolutionary algorithm, Swarm Intelligence, is proposed. This framework uses a novel approach that utilizes a cost function that chooses the optimal parameters to provide an adaptive quality of service (QoS) based on the user’s needs. This approach ensures interoperability and scalability between different modulation techniques in the physical layer and enhances security against Denial of Service attacks such as jamming attacks and signaling attack. Index Terms 4G, Cognitive Intelligence, Heterogeneous network, QoS, Security, Denial of Service, Swarm Intelligence

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