Increasing Bending Stiffness of Antibiotic-impregnated Cement-covered Rod Constructs: A Biomechanical Study

  title={Increasing Bending Stiffness of Antibiotic-impregnated Cement-covered Rod Constructs: A Biomechanical Study},
  author={M. Marmor and M. Lee and D. Friedberg and E. McDonald},
  journal={Techniques in Orthopaedics},
Introduction: The use of antibiotic-impregnated cement-covered rods (ACR) has been reported for the treatment of posttraumatic osteomyelitis and infection. Early reports of ACRs described using a 3-mm guidewire as the central core of the rod; however, certain clinical scenarios may require a more rigid construct. We describe the principals and technique of using a thicker metal core to increase stiffness of the ACR. A 40-Fr chest tube was filled with polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) cement. Metal… Expand
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